We’re a network of volunteers.

Our mission is to support the return, reintegration and advocacy of Kenyan Migrant domestic workers in the Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon and Bahrain.

There are an estimated 100,000 to 300,000 Kenyan Migrant Workers working in the Middle East.

Many are female domestic workers contracted under the Kafala system. Following the COVID-19 pandemic and explosion in Lebanon, hundreds have become jobless and homeless. Here’s how we are supporting them:


Providing financial assistance to workers awaiting repatriation in Lebanon, Bahrain and other Middle Eastern countries.


Providing cash transfers, psychosocial and livelihood support to returnees.


Collaborating with NGOs to educate & advocate for migrant workers’ rights & welfare.

Labour Migration in Kenya

Kenya is a major source of migrant domestic labour for the Middle East. Over the last few years, many migrant domestic workers have shared their experiences of abuse and exploitation at the hands of their employers & recruitment agencies. Kafala, exclusion from national labour laws and weak enforcement of laws are largely to blame.

Our blog brings you commentary and analysis on Kenyan labour migration to the Middle East.


Kenya lacks return and reintegration programmes for returnees and therefore many workers return with less preparedness. For those who are forced to return without enough savings, the lack of reintegration support from the government means they return to face the same economic precarity before their migration.


Domestic work is constituted as being unique, low skilled, low status and situated in the private borders of the home beyond the reach of legal reforms because it is gendered work.


16 days of activism against Gender based violence is an annual international campaign that begins on the 25th November and ends on 10th December and is used by activists to call for the end of violence against women globally.

On Return Series

Kenyan migrant worker returnees are sharing their accounts of their experiences in Lebanon and other Middle Eastern countries. Their stories are heartbreaking.

Photo by Aline Deschamps

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