Making A Difference

Our story

Our work arose out of deep concern from the media reports about Kenyan Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon, who had recently found themselves unemployed, homeless and stranded after the Beirut explosion on August 4th 2020 & COVID-19 pandemic.

We decided to come together to support these vulnerable women in their return journeys to Kenya through cash assistance and counselling.

Over time our work has evolved to include all Kenyan Migrant workers who continue to face exploitation and abuse in Middle Eastern countries.

Our Vision

Kenyan Migrant workers living and working in dignity free from all forms of exploitation, discrimination and disadvantage

Our Mission

Working to provide Kenyan Migrant workers with cash assistance, livelihood and psychosocial support to enable them to rebuild their lives.

Our Strategy

Our strategy sets out three key programmes with the objective of delivering our mission to ensure vulnerable Kenyan Migrant workers are supported holistically.

To be published soon

Our Values

Rights based

We believe in a world where rights of Kenyan migrant workers are respected


We work in a manner that places dignity and care at the core of our work.


We are open to working together with others to

achieve our vision.


Our People

Meet our team

Nkirote Laiboni


A human rights lawyer by training and a researcher, policy analyst and programmes manager by profession, Nkirote has over a decade’s experience managing humanitarian, human rights and international development programmes and coordinating research projects. Her professional and research interests lie in migration policy and practice, and this led her to birth this work and bring together like-minded volunteers on board. Nkirote coordinates the network and our external engagement.

Sophia Njiru

Programmes lead

Sophia is a trade unionist who has worked with the Kenya Union of Domestic, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Hospitals and Allied Workers (KUDHEIHA). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences: Sociology and Political Science and a Masters degree in Social, Economy and Labour. She has extensive experience in labour matters and is actively involved in migration, women empowerment and research programs as well as conducting training. Sophia is in charge of coordinating our returnee engagement including casework.

Brenda Kamaliki

Communications lead

Brenda has a background in International Human Rights Law with a particular interest in Migrant Rights & Women's Rights. She has worked for various charities in Engagement, Policy & Immigration/Refugee casework roles. Brenda coordinates our communications.

Vivian Okumu

Community Engagement

Vivian is a former migrant worker and has experience as a community worker with low income communities in Nairobi. She represents SUHK in returnee engagement work, following up with returnees to check on their welfare, monitoring the progress of projects related to returnee engagement and supporting Monitoring and Evaluation reporting.

Our supporters

Meet our supporters

We have supporters who believe in our vision and regularly offer their expertise and advice in various areas to the Send Us Home Kenya campaign. Read about them here.



You can also volunteer with us. Contact us