Our podcast is a platform where we discuss Kenyan Labour Migration to the Middle East including the legal and regulatory framework, stakeholders in this sector, challenges facing migrant domestic workers, solutions, academic analysis and more.

Photo: Muse Mohamed

1 . Understanding Kenyan Labour Migration to the Middle East

According to stakeholder estimates there are between 100,000 and 300,000 Kenyan nationals living and working in the Middle East. In this episode, we will explore the motivations that drive Kenyans to migrate to Middle Eastern countries. Some of the stories that Kenyan migrant workers have shared over the last decade about their experiences in the Middle East, and what the Kenyan government has done to address the issue of abuse and exploitation of Kenyan migrant workers in these countries. We will also tell you the story of how Send Us Home Kenya started, what we are hoping to achieve and how can you support us in this journey.