Our Impact

We want to be accountable to you. We will be transparent about how we are spending every shilling of your contributions. So far:

  • We have provided cash transfers of KES 10,000 to 2 Kenyan migrant workers in Beirut who have both been instrumental in our campaign and remain in need of support.

  • We have also provided cash transfers of KES 6000 each to an additional 8 women who have returned from Beirut.

  • We are working with psychologists and counsellors from the Kenya Counselling and Psychological Association and have referred 4 migrant workers for free counselling.

We need your support

Of the group of Kenyan migrant workers who were protesting outside the Beirut consulate, 122 women have returned home.

However there are hundreds of migrant workers who are stuck with abusive employers not only in Lebanon but also in Bahrain who wish to return home.

We need your help to support more migrant workers to return home and reintegrate through:

  • KSH 1000 ($10) can purchase one week’s airtime to facilitate access to free telecounselling sessions with our volunteer psychologists.

  • KSH 2000 ($20) can pay for transport from the airport to their accomodation for returnees.

  • KSH 2500 ($25) can cover the costs of essential food items such as maize flour, rice & beans.

  • KSH 6000 ($60) can provide a one of stipend to cover all these needs & other emergencies such as medical care.

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