Kenyan Migrant domestic workers are returning from Middle Eastern countries like Lebanon and Bahrain with horrific stories of abuse and exploitation. In this series, we want to amplify their voices to create awareness.

Image credit: Muse Mohamed

Alice's story

Alice was abandoned by her employers outside the consulate in Beirut after months of working without pay.

Jane's story

Jane* says her employer made her sleep outside in the balcony as there was no extra room. She says she got very ill as a result.

Mercy's story

Mercy* is a mother of two who travelled to Lebanon to seek a better livelihood to support her family and her sick parents. Like many migrant workers workers, she was the breadwinner of her family.

Nasambu's story

Nasambu* was struggling to provide for her two children when she was referred to a recruitment agency in Mombasa. She was then offered a contract to work in Dubai (UAE).

Njoki's story

Withholding of wages is a common experience amongst migrant workers. Njoki* says she worked for her employer for 6 months but only got paid for one.

Idah's story

Idah was offered employment in Bahrain after she lost her job. Her recruitment process only took one week. She recounts her journey on how she ended up as a migrant domestic worker.

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